21st Century Scrooge: free show at The Folk of Gloucester

The Folk of Gloucester and The Midnight Storytellers.
Chloe from The Midnight Storytellers
The Folk of Gloucester, 99 to 103 Westgate Street, Gloucester, GL1 2PG.

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Event Update

Bah Humbug! – Only, sadly, no humbug. Just ice. I can’t physically travel to The Folk of Gloucester so the event is leaping ONLINE for a mini Zoom Launch at 2:30pm.

– Introducing the beautiful Bardic Chair and some of the Storyteller’s Library books that inspired me.

Real world launch moves to Sat 28 Jan 2:30pm: first day of #NationalStorytellingWeek 2023.



It’s a snowy Christmas Eve in the City. Successful trader Carol sneers at charity requests and bullies her timid secretary, lone parent Roberta (Bobbie) Cratchit.
The ghost of Carol’s late business partner appears – complete with chains of workaholic life and a chilling warning.

The Spirits of Christmas Past and Christmas Present force Carol to confront the lonely childhood that shaped her snobbish prejudices. The spectre of Christmas Yet to Come – encountered in the crush of London Underground – shows her the terrifying fate that awaits if she fails to change her ways…
This enchanting and thought provoking show sweeps you from Dickensian gloom to a joyful resolution that calls to the true spirit of Christmas in all of us