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Gloucester Guildhall 23 Eastgate Street, Gloucester, GL1 1NS

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Did you know that Gloucester once had a castle? Two in fact? It’s not apparent now, but the medieval town of Gloucester once contained a great royal castle that rivalled some of the biggest in England. It was built because Gloucester was a key strategic location, controlling access along, and across, the Severn. That castle had replaced an earlier Norman ‘motte and bailey’ style castle – which was constructed just after the conquest. But, living in Gloucester today, you’d never guess this was the case, you certainly can’t see a castle. City Council Archaeologist Andrew Armstrong will explain when the castles were built, where, and why we can’t see them anymore. He’ll also outline the results of recent archaeological investigations that have really improved our understanding of Gloucester’s ‘lost’ castles.’

Kindly Supported by The Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeology Society. To find out more about this fantastic organisation please check their website:

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Starts at 6:00PM