Folk Talks – The Siege of Gloucester with Jon Eeles

Gloucester Civic Trust
The Folk of Gloucester 99-103 Westgate Street, Gloucester, GL1 2PG

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The Siege of Gloucester took place between 10 August and 5 September 1643 during the First English Civil War. It was part of a Royalist campaign led by King Charles I to take control of the Severn Valley from the Parliamentarians. Following the costly storming of Bristol on 26 July, Charles invested Gloucester in the hope that a show of force would prompt it to surrender quickly and without bloodshed. When the city, under the governorship of Lieutenant-Colonel Edward Massie, refused the Siege began.
Jon Eeles will take you through the reasons why the siege took place, discuss the key players on both sides, and look at the ordinary Gloucester Folk, man, woman and child who pulled together to cause a war changing defeat of the powerful Royalist army outside our walls.
The presentation will last just over an hour, full of slides and details on the daily fighting presented by Jon Eeles, just a local man fascinated and proud of what we achieved in just four weeks in the late summer of 1643.
Doors open at 12pm which gives you chance to grab a drink in Our Secret Garden Cafe, Check out our well which would have been a common feature during the Siege and Our ever-evolving Siege of Gloucester Display
All Proceeds from this talk will go towards bringing back this Fantastically Unique Building back to life.