Local Artist Cedric Titcombe Exhibition at The Folk of Gloucester

Next month at the Folk will see a major exhibition of work by one of Gloucester’s most illustrious artists.

Cedric Titcombe, who died earlier this year, was born in 1940 in Clarence Street and spent most of his creative life chronicling the city and itsinhabitants.

Although his status as an artist is beyond doubt – he narrowly missed becoming a Royal Academician – his refusal to follow fashion meant he never achieved a national profile.

At the Crypt School he was a legend for his artistic skills and he went on to study at Gloucester School of Art. Throughout his life he continued to draw, paint, sculpt and make prints, his work full of energy and a singular vision.

If you attended art classes at Oakbank open air school, Oxstalls community school, Newent Arts, Gloscat or the Guildhall you may have been taught by Cedric and we’d like to hear from you.

If you remember the Semington you’ll have seen his posters and barge painting. Come to
be amazed by the variety, beauty and occasional weirdness of his art and to see Gloucester revealed through his eyes.

The exhibition will run Thursdays to Saturdays from 8 th December 2022 to 21 st January 2023 10am – 4pm. Most of the work will be for sale.

Message Friends of Ced on Facebook if you were a friend, colleague or student of Ced’s and have a story to tell.